Great Bridge, Tipton: Nothing but a dingy, depressing toilet

Living in Great Bridge, West Midlands

What filthy, depressing hovel. I actually think Great bridge should have two things removed: 1). The word “Great”, and 2). its town status. There are some decent, salt of the earth people here, but they’re moving out, dying out, or just staying out on account of the growing number of **** descending upon the place. Great Bridge used to be thriving but’s just..nothing. No heart. No welcome. Nothing much to entice decent people.

The problems are many and I feel sorry to say this, but they won’t be solved, they will only get worse with time – even worse than they already are now. The only means by which you could drag this once-thriving town back into any form of significance beyond negative headlines is if you forcefully removed the **** both in work and out. They take great pleasure in having no aspirations in life beyond trying to ruin everything for anyone and anything they do not like.

This is no international scene here, just an economic ****-hole in which most of the industry and commerce merely caters to local taste. For instance you’ve got endless streams of fast-food joints, loan shops, betting offices and casinos; noisy factories belching out tons of **** into the atmosphere over a VERY wide area; perpetually grid-locked roads; arseholes loitering with the soul purpose of causing as much upset as possible including violence.

How grim is your Postcode?

Seriously, nothing prospers here. There is no modern ‘society’ as such, just an industry of debt. This is made all the worse by hordes of migrants who will work even longer hours for even lower pay, their rent ‘taken care of’ by land-lords snapping up ‘apartments’ (flats) in the expectation of doing nothing other than to rake the money in whilst not giving two craps about living conditions or maintenance.

It doesn’t matter how qualified you are, if you live here you are screwed economically by this industry, this mechanism, of debt. You’ve got to understand how this works. When you do..when you realise that personal development and social life opportunities are a complete and utter disgrace here, you will leave and not come back.

It used to thrive in the old days, but the older generation has either died out or just upped sticks and left. Don’t take my word for it though, come and see for yourself, come walk the spit-ridden streets, come sample the amenities (or lack of).

I honestly feel ashamed to say I live and if it was nuked tomorrow I wouldn’t miss it. The dumping ground of Great Britain and Europe.