Walsall, It surely is a sight to behold

Living in Walsall, West Midlands
Living in Walsall, West Midlands

I have just stumbled upon this website and found that theres not enough mention of the wonderful Walsall. I live in Aldridge a little village next to Walsall which hardly anyone has heard of and consequently I have to admit grudgingly that I’m from Walsall. This place is surely the capitol of *****.

It surely is a sight to behold, going into town on a saturday day and seeing them all congregated usually in the centre around mcdonalds, i usually try not to get too near in case one accidentally touches me but its hard when they infest the place like ****, and the males ***** usually want to try and use some wonderful line on me like “look at the **** on her” or “shes fit id like to **** ‘er” which of course is very appealing,and like **** they breed at an alarming rate, im only 20 but am amazed at the amount of pregnant *********, the average age is about 15. God help these poor children who have nothing to look forward to but living on benefits in a council flat, being given a stupid name and being neglected for the whole of their lives the only attention they get is being swore at and slapped in the street.

I think actually walsall has the highest teeneage pregnancy rate in the country.people that ugly and stupid should not be allowed to breed. I would like to spit at a **** in the street but hold myself back as i am a nice properly brought up young lady so i stick to ignoring the ******** instead. Parts of walsall are ok, the art gallery and the warf bar are fine, mcdonalds is hell, as is burger king and i hate going to ws1, ok they have a policy on burberry but that doesnt stop the delinquents filling the place, all in all id suggest not to visit walsall.ur not missing anything!.

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