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This fine piece of 1960’s or 70’s housing and shopping for the working class was a worthy endevour once! I don’t suppose when they built it they knew that it would be a magnet for the filthiest sorts of Chav scum (scientific name: Chavascumus). On Friday Night it has been said the streets are paved with Burbury where they drink too much White Lightning or Special Brew and colapse in a pile of vomit. I was speaking to our friendly local fence the other day (don’t laugh I used to sit next to him in school) and he told me about a certain Brain dead Chav who bought a set of five Alloy wheels from him now not strange you might think neither did I until he told me that they were five differnt wheels he was given by a local scrap mechant in payment for a debt and by the way 3 were silver one was gold and the other Hammerite black. Also it seems that my car is well regarded by the local Chavs the car in question is a 1988 BMW 325 saloon my red and rust brown heap cost me £80 in an auction about 7 months ago and a filthy roten spotted chav offered me £400 I almost did it but then remembered he was a chav checked his £50 notes and thy all had the same serial number!!!!! Also this place is home to one of Londons number one chav magnets The Pink Elephunt a concrete shopping centre well known as one of London’s ugliest buildings. This monstrosity caters to your ordinary chavs every wish there is man outside who sells copied CDs another man who sell Burbury and other chav designer favouries these are all cheap and fake just like chavs like them. If you are felling lucky you can go inside and see several jewelers that contain the chavs favourite sort of jewelery cheap and nasty. The bravest of the brave can go to the basment of my flats and see the disgusting Chav mating ground where the go at it like rabbits with their ‘biatchs’/sisters/cousins. Well I’d better out or one of them might come and try and borrow some money till the dole comes in.

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