Waterlooville – this place is a sh*thole

Living in Waterlooville, Hampshire

Where to start? Well, this place is dreadful. Its populous hasn’t got 2 chromosomes to rub together. It is full of morons whose life ambition is to either be a crappy builder that throws poor-quality flats together or the builders wife who has at least 3 kids, all with ADHD, who give video-gamers a bad […]

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Waterlooville – Ghost Town

Living in Waterlooville, Hampshire

Waterlooville used to be full of independent shops, everyone happy and a nice community. Now, because of the incredibly high rates down south, all the independents have been forced to **** off and we’re left with a Waitrose, a Sainsbury’s, a Tesco Express, a Lidl, an Asda, a Subway and a McDonalds, not to mention […]

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