Waterlooville – this place is a sh*thole

Where to start? Well, this place is dreadful. Its populous hasn’t got 2 chromosomes to rub together. It is full of morons whose life ambition is to either be a crappy builder that throws poor-quality flats together or the builders wife who has at least 3 kids, all with ADHD, who give video-gamers a bad name.

It is even worse in Wecock, with their own monosyllabic language with extends to ‘****’, ‘weed’ and poor quality insults. They spend their hard earned benefits on booze and crappy designer clothes with 3 lines along their grey tracksuit. Their kids are virtually feral. They hang around stealing bikes and breeding with their ch4vvy cousins, while fighting with their neighbours, with the insults having all the wit of a potato. Sludge green trackies are now the fashion here. Outside Wecock, it has a bunch of nasty, entitled old people who complain about the kids of today, but stink of p*ss and are a bunch of cheapskates, always on the scrounge.

The shops aren’t particularly diverse. Three Costas and kebab shops, as well as ch4vvy tattoo and nail parlours, which accommodate the dregs of society. The shopping centre stinks and beside ASDA (**** heaven), which has giant eyesores, such as massive abandoned industrial estates and a grey Sainsbury’s full of nasties.

We have a beautiful woods here. However, during the summer, more people with their nasty pitbulls who sh*t all of over it. *** butts everywhere dropped by ‘ardnuts’. All in all this place is a sh*thole.

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