Waterlooville – Ghost Town

Waterlooville used to be full of independent shops, everyone happy and a nice community. Now, because of the incredibly high rates down south, all the independents have been forced to **** off and we’re left with a Waitrose, a Sainsbury’s, a Tesco Express, a Lidl, an Asda, a Subway and a McDonalds, not to mention 2 Costas.

If we are saying that Waterlooville also includes Purbrook, Cowplain, Horndean (which is actually pretty decent) and Wecock (as the name suggests, do not come here) and Denmead, then there is another Lidl, a Co-op, a couple of Costcutters and a Ken’s Fried Chicken for good measure.

And, as much as I love the city whose football team we all (minus the Manchester United plastics) religiously support, Portsmouth next door is a much, much bigger s*ithole and their ***** often mix with ours at the meeting point of Cosham.

On the point of *****, we have a lot of them. Not so much south of the town, but travel half a mile up the London Road into Cowplain and you will wish you never came. The place stinks of weed and *** butts and there is barely any housing in the town centre not owned by the council. Not good.

So, back to Waterlooville itself, there’s nothing here and I advise you not to come here. (The train line almost deliberately weaves around us from Havant to Petersfield!) Unless, of course, you want a bus, of which there are thousands, all late.

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