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I live in Sudbury in Suffolk, near to the “****” or as we call them here “Townie” captial that is Colchester. We have townies living in Sudbury itself and travelling in from neaby Cornard *aka- the Nard, Melford, and Glemsford all to come and block up our streets with their townie talk and screwed up walk.

You cannot walk in the street without somewhere hearing an ignorant voice shouting “GRUNGER!!!”. The townies hang around most of the town so you can’t really escape them anywhere.

We also have not just the young teenage townies who are relativly harmless, though annoying, but we have the idiots who scream around town in their cars in circles all day. You can’t walk across a main road at night without a car flying down the road towards you, bass booming that same boring thump thump thump thump! I don’t understand it! They can’t have jobs or they wouldn’t be driving around all day, so if they have no jobs then why do they drive around in circles wasting petrol money!

How grim is your Postcode?

In my group of friends, most townie girls are know as the “******** of sudbury” most are ugly cows who plaster themselves in make-up and are overly aggressive and the ones who aren’t ugly seem to just float past and ignor you. The townie guys are just useless ****** who can’t string a sentence together without using “you know what I mean” at least twice.

To them anyone who stands out from the crowd is “weird”, anyone who doesn’t sit back and let things happen and that actually cares about something, even if its music (though only music they don’t like) is a “geek” anyone who wears something without a label, has any black on it or is wearing baggy jeans and a hoody is a “Grunger”. Also the townies don’t seem to be able to read. They think that every t-shirt or hoody worn that is not a designer labeled brand is a Slipknott t-shirt/hoody.

We need to sort this nationwide problem out. Our lifestyles and music should be heard more often on radio, we need more (if there are really any anyway) rock, punk, grunge, metal and alternative rock/music radio in this country. We need to stand firm and not take townie or **** ****. We are made to feel like outlaws in our own towns! **** OFF **** ****!!!

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