Stratford Upon Avon


So Stratford upon Avon is well known for being the town of Shakespeare. Copious amounts of money is spent making sure the tourists are catered for and it “looks nice”. What you dont see is the amount of homeless people with drug and alcohol problems. The coucil dont seem to mention this or actually make an effort to do anything about it, as it will make Stratford Upon Avons name look bad!

In 2005 – Trinity Mead was built – what a f*****g s**t hole! The estate looks nice, but has several council estates located throughout the new estate – meaning no escape from the scum! Gypsys have been housed there and paid up to 40k for the priviledge. There kids do not go to school and cause total chaos. Then you have the druggies, rapists and general scum. These go door to door on there little “Christie way and Betjamin road” mission, to sell drugs to each other. You will often have fire engines, ambulances, police out as thier is always a drama of some sort. These people tend to rise, walk into town and spend the day drinking bu the water fountain or by the river!

The other side of town – you have the other s**t hole! Masons Road/Brookside Road, Meadow Road all by Bishopton school. As far as I am aware all of these flats and houses are council or stupidly brought from old council tenants who now rent it out to teh usual smack heads as there are no council properties left. There is a nice ( ha ha) local called the Squirrel – would be a nce pub if was in a different area, but full of the same people and old men who can barely stand. Drugs are everywhere on this estate too – all in all the only decent park is the chip shop – very good!

The town “looks nice” as it is the only place that the council money is spent on – got to keep revenues up!

All in all Stratford is a s**t hole – I wouldnt want to live their and dread going there, all from past experiences and from having to bump into the usual rare breeds and junkies! Why anyone would waste thier money on visiting the place is beyond me!!

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