For Christs sake just dont go there. Ever.

Typical of many ex mining / heavy industry towns littering the north (Spennymoor, Sunderland, Consett, Bedlington, Cramlington, the list goes on) Stanley is a soulless ******** of a place in the middle of ******* nowhere. I am unfortunate in that I was forced to live there during my adolecence due to my mothers messy divorce and I can honestly say I have a special place in my tiny blackened heart reserved for hating Stanley. Or perhaps more accurately the residents thereof, charvers to their last.

Typically the burberry sporting ******* were to be found in their usual localles like the high street of various (Aldi Asda) car parks in Vauxhall Vivas with plywood spoilers and an Alba stereo. Watering holes like The Clock, and Parkers / The Blue Boar were regularly stowed off with the skinny ****** acne ******** ******** talking **** about “having a nova / xr2 at the lights yesterday, Nananananananaaaaaa”, or, “Here mistah lenz a tab”. The less said about the filthy sodding bus station the better.

How grim is your Postcode?

You’re guaranteed a **** and a fight on the high streed in stanley, probably at the same time. The women are the usual band of pasty, fat, ugly, giant-gold-clown-on-a-chain wearing, nippa smoking, two snot nosed bairns since the age of 14 having, kappa ******** you would expect and should be avoided at all costs.

The speed limit in Stanley should be set at 140 so you can get through it as quickly as possible if you cant avoid going there at all costs.

In summation: Stay. The ****. Away.

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