If Chavdom can be looked at as being a spidersweb then Shepperton must be in the middle with Staines to the west, Feltham to the North, and Woking to the South, This enables the local ***** plenty of scope to Live the chavdream to the hilt, & with several large estates Shepperton has become a ***** paradise with its excellent travel conections, there is no problem getting on a bus at 11.00 in the morning with your double baby buggy and four screaming filthy dummy suckers to travel to any of the other **** outposts, for a trip round Argos and a Big Mac, or a quick *** and a chat by the shopping precincts fountain. Local haunts include the Phone boxes in the high street for the younger wannabe ***** (yeah!) complete with all the usual gear hackett, burburry, alchopop in hand,
all smokers but never any ****,all with some kind of strange accent you know the one “i aint done noting”, They love to do battle every now and then with the other wannabe ***** from Sunbury, For older ***** every other pub will welcome you from the Crossroads complete with **** ***** on the outside of the toilets to the upmarket Kings head populated by ***** with jobs but a passion for handcuffs and police cars, and last but not least the late night drinking hole affectionatley know as “peppermint hippos” by the locals a true mecca for ***** young and old this is the place to hit at the weekend if your saxos in the shop your mate wont give you a lift and you cant borrow mums car!

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