Peterborough – (now Chavborough) The Chav experience holiday

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Well, I am deeply shocked that this site has been up for so long without the king of bling town not being represented. Conveniently situated on the A1, Peterborough provides a great day out, or even an extended stay. The Chav experience holiday is well represented here. You can visit St Chav’s cathedral, walk along the banks of the River Chav (formally Nene) or visit the surrounding fens where many Chavs have their well documented inbred origins. Here, Bob really is your uncle and your Dad, and most likely your Grandad as well! One distinct advantage of inbreeding is that having 9 fingers on each hand allows the wearing of even more ring bling.

Given Peterborogh’s history of being an overspill (or is that overvomit) of London’s unwanted, it is an ideal breeding ground for Chavs – and boy, can they breed! The main shopping areas boast many coffee shops where one can sit and observe the ever increasing numbers of chav population going about their daily business of going down the social, visiting the the bling shop in Bourges Boulevard or drooling in the car accessory shop, dreaming of how to make their death trap Novas appear to go faster and sound louder. There is usually plenty for our Queensgate shopping Centre security staff to do aprehending bling dripping, burberry cap wearing shoplifters.

For the scientific traveller there is much to see. If you have ever wondered why human cloning is such an issue, come to Peterborough and you will see that experiments have aleady been undertaken with amazing results!

Of course, there are many bars and night clubs where more intimate observation of the population can be enjoyed. To get a real flavour, many of our bars offer a ‘bottling’ or ‘glassing’ service to add that real authentic touch of Chav living. Many have back episodes of ‘Trisha’ playing on big screens for authentic Chav entertainment.

A particular social feature of Peterborough is that we have a very interesting multi-ethnic chav blend – all nations are represented here.

So, stuck for an idea for a holiday this year? Come to Chavborough and enjoy the wonderful scenery (although given the breeding rate and similarity of the Chav population you could be in Slough, Romford or just about any bleedin’ where!)

Be seeing you!

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