Perry Beeches – Great Barr

Near to neighbouring **** towns such as Kingstanding & Sutton Coldfield, lies the little pretty much un-known **** heaven called Perry Beeches.

An indication of recent years, a police port-a-kabin can be seen opposite the large Beeches pub, which on all occasions is full of Baseball Cap wearing, tracksuit clad, foul mouthed males and females, both over and under 18, some as old as 30!!

No Mcdonalds to be seen around here, so local ***** usually found visiting the Greggs bakery for a 60p Sausage Roll or a french bread pizza that usually resembles their complection.

**** hotspots also include, the canal bridge by the alexander stadium, where junior **** and ********* aged 12-14 usually hang out smoking, swearing & drinking Babycham or cider, if the canal bridge is occupied, other dejected ***** are found at the bottom of tideswell road outside the doctors surgery smoking and kicking footballs at oncoming cars.

Older **** AND ********* hit the Tennis Courts Pub of a thursday on the walsall road, because it makes them feel like there in buckingham palace, amusingly many junior ***** try to get in here and fail to which they usually retort “i forgot my fcking i.d.” or “ive got a heart problem and im small for my age”

Further towards bordering Kingstanding is Greenholm road, the only mixed race area in the locality, with white and black ***** mixing alike and usually mugging old ladies and ******* around outside the GOlden Hind pub where they can scrounge for a pint and block the door if you refuse to yield. best way to remedy this is go in a group of 5 at least and tell them to piss off when asked.

Head any further than the GOlden Hind and you are pretty much in Kingstanding, where many Perry Beeches ***** like to wonder on the odd occasion and blend in with the proffesionals.

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