Perry Barr, Birmingham, consists of Asian *****, fat **** girls in tracksuits & muggers

Living in Perry Barr, Birmingham

What a absolute **** hole of a place! As soon as you come off the Aston Expressway to get to Perry Barr you enter into the most grim, unsightly place, its Grey, its miserable, its always cold and bleak,not to mention dirty ****** and horrible.
You have now entered the ghetto.

I unfortunately came to Birmingham City University,  which is in the heart of Perry Barr, and i live round the  corner in a student house. What a place to put a university.

Perry Barr mainly consists of Asian **** lads, fat **** girls in tracksuits and muggers and thieves.

How grim is your Postcode?

Its a really dangerous place to live. You cant go out at night, you cant walk down the street without having something sleazy shouted at you, The houses get robbed because their student houses so im literally waiting in fear to be burgled.

Every day my house vibrates because of **** lads going by in their **** cars with their fat exhausts with their **** rap blasting out at full blast.

Everyone spits on the floor, drops their litter, vandalizes everything.

And then there’s the one stop shopping center, which i know has been mentioned on this site before.
You go down the escalator into the shopping center and you literally feel as if your being led into the depths of hell. Its got to be the ********* shopping center i have ever been to.

I really wish i hadn’t come to uni here, its so horrible it actually makes you feel depressed.
Birmingham is the pits.