Living in Moseley, Birmingham
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in West Midlands

I have lived in Moseley for around seven years and when I first moved here it was a lovely green space nestled in Birmingham near the city centre with real community spirit but in that space of time it has become a nouveau riche prick’s paradise complete with BMW and Rolls Royce owners and cottaging in the parks. The parks are full of more condoms and needles than a Chinese city. And everybody owns a bloody dog but nobody knows how to control them. They just smile as these dogs maul strangers.

If you ever think about moving to Moseley just think about this

  1. Am I a c**t?
  2. Am I still in the closet, but feel cottaging is an exiting prospect?
  3. Do I like to think of myself as posh?
  4. Have I ever owned a BMW?
  5. Do I own a f*****g Husky?
  6. …and again, am I a c**t?

If you answered any of those questions with ‘yes’, then you should move to Mosley.