Parkstone, Poole, Dorset


Parkstone is an area between Bournemouth and Poole in the South West county of Dorset. Although it is part of Poole it is a bit like a separate town. Most of the area was built in the Victorian era. Their are two train stations (Parkstone Station in Lower Parkstone and Branksome Station in upper Parkstone)

Its main shops are along Ashley Road which is the boundary of Upper and Lower Parkstone. In Upper Parkstone ***** are in evidence but can never quiet make it to being the hardest in town. There are meant to be two crews, The Parkstone Crew and The Parkstone Mafia. I have met a few from the “Crew” and they won’t harm you but the “Mafia” (Who are unknown to me) think that they are solid! As already mentioned is “Kemp-Welch School” which is really Rossmore Community College and has been since September 2001. Kemp-Welch school opend in 1938. They school used to be the “Rough School of Poole” back in the 1990s but OFSTED nearly closed to it changed it’s name and is now one of the best schools in Dorset. This when I was 12 (In year 8) was my first meeting of ***** or as we call them in the South West, “Cackers” I hated them throughout my four years there and in years ten and eleven went into the special needs part time group. I went to **** free Bournemouth and Poole College Lansdowne site shich I still (Sort of) go to. At “Kempy” kids would walk out of a lesson, *** in ear and go to their usual spot, if a teacher stopped them then all hell would brake lose! They used to take money off the “Rich kids” (People who weren’t entitled to a free meal” to buy themselves some ****. The shop over the road closed and the only shop is Tesco (Which was until recently a One Stop) They used to brag about their drinking nights and the fact they lived on “Bourne Estate” which is a typical neighbourhood which also houses ******* and there huge clans. The Estate isn’t rough as many skaters skate down it but be careful around here at night coz that’s when the Cackers come out! Some of the milder one’s hang around the Rossmore Chip Shop and once me, my mate and his brother saw 20 (Still quiet rare for Parkstone) walking down the hill. One of them with the back up of his mates needed to shout “Skaters Suck!” at us when we reached the top of the hill but there are many skaters in Parkstone since Rossmore Skate Park opened at the back of the school. This is both a townie and skater hang out, townies smoke here at break time and skaters skate until the teachers come along to move on the smokers. The school is armed with cameras.

The area also has ASBO kids too (Anti Social Behaviour Order) and they shall go by the names “Squeaky Voice” (16 and still has a gay voice) and “Stupid Voice” (Coz he sounds stupid!) One lives on Heatherlands Rise which is a housing association cul-de-sac with only twelve houses on tiny site but with some very mouthy kids! These kids have gone in and out of prison since they got the ASBO in summer 2003! They used to cause trouble in shops along Ashley Road which they are banned from and Squeaky Voice even toke some wood from my neighbours drive.

Now not to sound snobby my Road which shall be named “Victorian built Lower Middle Class Road” did have are own set of druggies who later got moved out because they didn’t pay their mortgage! Our road had a few raids too! On them days everyone watered their front gardens and at night all the TV lights were seen in people’s houses but their lights were out coz we all loved watching it from out of the window. Our new neighbours are much nicer and quieter and luckily nobody wanted to leave so we still have a nice street minus the noisy kids from down the road!

Now Branksome Recreation Ground (The “Rec”) has been a cacker’s hang out for years but now the police will fine you for drinking there so the police patrol the area which makes it safer but is Ok in the daylight hours so police don’t often come then.
Last but not least is Alexandra Park which despite the fact cackers tried to burn the toilets down (Which are still open and are still clean) it is a nice park. Few hang around in lower Parkstone as it is a nicer area with bigger houses but we did have a run in by the green once with townies trying to sell us **** mags! In lower Parkstone there is a townie skater (dresses like a townie but skates) who sells pot but he is sound. Branksome is also quiet too.

So that is Parkstone in Poole. Don’t be afraid to come as it is really a nice area with good transport links to Bournemouth and Poole and has a lot of nice people here. Skaters and grangers seem to rule these areas now and the crime has dropped as there are more CCTV cameras and townies have never really seemed to have won!

Parkstone rules!!!

Also read otehr articals I have read of Poole and Bournemouth to get a feel of dorset’s large town area.

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