East AngliaNorfolk

First I am very proud to say i do not live here!!
There are two sorts of scum who live here! First there is the CHAV who hang around big W and the train station Smockin god knows what but i am sure glad to get past them there not a happy lot then while your walkin from the train station i call it Granny land as every where is grannys!(Now u see why chvas are here old people defencless) As you get closser the age of the resident decline till your at the joy racing chavs section BLINGBLING and crap cars with sub woofers in every where it sort of burns your eyes after awhile there are three reassons for this the fact that chavs are uglier anouth to burn your eyes plus there smoke from there fags then the generall stench of norwich! Norwich is trying to promot it self as a young place where stuff is happining and new stuff is here and coming but if you ask me if i see chavs hanging around im holding onto my wallet phone and life and feel like why dont i just turn around and go back to the train? Then as you get deeper into the town the second load of scum Norwich supportes! Thesse guys normally hang around there local sport shops fallowing orders from theire superior chav friends! Asyou start to get to the outscirts like all cities you come to Gangster chav and junkie land where law is not the first fource but gun violance and the local maphire step in you wouldnt whant to be here at night! i think i have said more than anouth! never got to Norwich unless! You are whith mates to beat up chavs you feel like going on a masmurder spree go head there plenty of chavs! or you just wanna spit on a town what is struggling to keep its head out of the water! My advice is BAN THE CHAV!

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