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Having had many holidays in the far north of Scotland (that’s Inverness and further north) I am asking two questions:

– where are the chavs?

– am I blind?


My observations based on many holidays in the wonderful far north are that chavs don’t seem to get there. Reasons? Some are obvious -not many people live there, but there are lots of under populated areas of England that are full of chavs. Am I watching this through rose tinted spectacles? Is there a hard core area in Wick or Dingwall? Is it something to do with stone circles, single malt whisky and Irn-Bru?

Most of the cars seem to be “normal”, you can still shop in Argos and there are plenty of cheap shops (there’s not much money around). It just seems that the excesses of England have not got that far north. I’m not familiar with the Central Belt, so I don’t know if there are herds of the usual suspects there (wearing Celtic or Rangers shirts).

We need to know!

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