Normanton what a sh*t hole

I’ve lived in Normanton for over 25 years and I made the biggest mistake of my life moving here. Firstly it’s all about how rude some people are. Walking into town, is like walking into field head prison. Surrounded by mental weirdos. The worst part of Normanton is Smirthwaite, that area is so bad, that I don’t dare go near it on the bus just in case I don’t get glassed or **** up.

Little ***** running round with there bottles of Budweiser and ellese clothing on, thinking they’re big, but actually they’re only in year 7. Also, the greasy takeaways [allegedly] run by pedophiles and drug dealers, are always overrun on a Friday night, by drunken yobbos leaning over the counter asking for a rat burger.

The only decent part of Normanton is the Fairway village or otherwise known as the New Estate, but that still has problems, 18 year olds driving around in there ****** Corsas with 3 kids in back with Tom Zanetti on full blast.

When the fair is in town, that is overrun again by drunken little twats who think they’re big and hard because their parents are on curfew for stealing a can of coke from the local shop and there’s always guaranteed to be a fight there between old or young, it always happens.

Normanton apparently used to be a lovely town, but with what I saw, the Germans should of bombed it in WW2, it definitely would’ve improved it.

All I can say is, stay away from Normanton or as they say it Normy. You won’t be welcomed in the town unless you’re claiming benefits or on dole and use illegal substances.

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