Normanton – The Real Place for “I live near Leeds”

Normanton is just one of those places where people clearly don’t feel proud to live. From spoiled 9 year olds with iPhones, who probably know more swear words than you to teenagers demoralising you as you walk past – the people are clearly a large contributing factor.

The high school of Normanton received a bad Ofsted rating of 4/5 (1 being the best) in 2015, students’ behaviour and senior leadership were the large players. Watching the students leave the school is like watching a large crowd of excessively drunk football fans – a splur of derogatory language and violence. Homophobic remarks are said to each other for no reason, and I’ve heard a student say one to an unsuspecting passerby.

You get the beautiful parts of Yorkshire in the Moors and Dales, with their lovely small communities. Normanton is completely the opposite. Large, ugly apartment blocks stand tall in front of allotments. Greasy Takeaways all congregate on one road in the same block. Walls, streetlights and other posts have offensive graffiti on them, not the sort which is “art” but more like a news post about who’s gay or who loves who.

If you were to count which type of business there is the most of in Normanton, the majority would probably be hairdressers. Take a visit to the High Street and it has a large differentiation in shops. There’s also a market outside of the B&M, but after the market is gone it is occupied by loudmouthed, rude teenagers. There’s also a large amount of Fish and Chip takeaways as well as Cafés in the town.

Normanton really is a horrible place in West Yorkshire.

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