Mold, Flintshire

Well what can we say about Mold… much like many of the towns we can read about on this site – it’s plagued by low life *****! 

Mold is quite strange, unique in it’s ability to never actually change, the local hotspot as of about 2003 is the local “weathers” where the cheap ale flows freely, purchased with the “job seekers” allowance they worked so hard for – the best part is though, you can go here on any given day and the exact same group of old piss heads and dolies will be sat in “their” chairs supping.


How grim is your Postcode?

As is quite normal in many places, the weekend brings the younger generation out of their council flats to grace everyone with their presence, they drink, smoke weed, snort coke and then go get a meal from the “kebaby” … then ofcourse, how could we finish a night out with out giving someone a slap for staring at them / their mrs (usually lying on the floor outside weathers covered in their own puke at this point) – at this point the heavily out numbered police will intervine…. ANYONE reading this from Mold and it’s surrounding villages will know EXACTLY who these idiots are.. by name… it’s always the same arseholes, week in, week out – off their faces on steroids, weed and super tenants. 

To conclude, if you ever want a career, change of scene, unpredictable nights out… you’re better keeping away from this dive – it’s like being stuck in the twighlight zone…

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