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Llandaff is an outwardly genteel suburb of Cardiff; in fact it is a cathedral city in its own right, boasting rather fancy houses, a village green and a ruined castle. Before moving there for university last year, i didn’t think a single chav lived in the area. I still don’t. But bizarrely, young chavs from the valleys seem to gravitate to the place.

I first discovered this one evening when I and several friends were on our way to the local spar (classic chav hangout ANYWHERE) and were accosted by a group of 13 year old girls, who followed us the whole way shouting choice cardiff chav lingo. We were, frankly, afraid to leave the safe haven of spar, and when we finally did we found them waiting for us. One of my companions was greeted with the charming phrase of “oi, you again, MR COCK!”.

Since then, i have been lucky enough to have many encounters with non-native chavs in Llandaff. For example, the gang of boy chavs who informed us they’d travelled in from Taffs Well (WHY?! there is nothing to do in Llandaff for a young chav!), persuaded us (I don’t know how) to get them vodka from spar and then tried to ‘start’ on my male friends. lovely. Or the time I was asked (well, shouted at) by some young chavs, blind drunk at 2pm, which way to go to get to merthyr… Some of my female friends had cans of paint from a skip chucked at them by another friendly chav clan. Even some of the posh private school kids who come to school in Llandaff have exhibited minor chav tendencies!

Having lived in Kingswood, Bristol for the first years of my life, very close to Weston-“Brummie-Chav-Paradise”-Super-Mare for most of it, and spent a good deal of time in Pontypridd, its been quite a shock to experience the most aggressively chavvy evil behaviour in posh Llandaff. Maybe they’re just lost.

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