Heckmondwike,West Yorkshire

North East

Well this is a great town for ***** because it has a Mc Doanlds. All the ***** think they are great in the summer standing outside the red lion and the commercial with there can of red stripe or if they have just got there dole money a pint of carlsberg. The ultimate **** accessory in ecki is a five year old man u or uddersfield town shirt (because obviously ***** wouldnt have sense to support someone good like leeds) make sure its an old shirt though ***** cant afford new ones.They get them from dewsbury car boot on a sunday along with there fake burberry and adidas 4 stripe tracksuit bottoms.Well there not really adidas but remember these are scrubbers from neighbouring dale lane,stubbley,windy **** or gansta’s paradise dewsbury moor. There are also the local asian ***** who think it is great to drive around in there nissan sunny and bluebirds with there windows blacked out and music pumping rap music they think they are in the bronx,beeping there horns at 14 year old ********* with bleached blonde hair with black roots and wait for it hoopy earings. It is a special treat though in ecki when the fair comes all the ***** come together to drink white lightning or if they are very very lucky stolen stella from morrisons.The ***** from ecki’s ultimate night out is in even chavvier town of batley. The local fashion shops are er none well theres kool but ***** couldnt afford anything from there so they just look through the window there is that scrubber everything a tenner shop near the tatoo shop(lots of ***** there spending there dole money or measley wage).Hecki has one thing going for it,its better than ******* batley.

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