Written by Anonymous. Posted in East Anglia

harlston is the biggest place of those gobby loud mouth scummy chavs its not safe at night to walk down the street because gary boys (chavs with old fords which a “mental” stero system) will run you down, a desserted waste land called the wreck which is just a feildĀ but is the coolest place to hang out in the frezzing cold!!
what is the point of ten year olds going around loud mothing every one but you think this is it, no! chavs have control of the whole town!!! the bus stop is full of them, the wreck, the steets even all the roads!
they have redicuas names like stimp and this is supposed to make you cool how?? they still all started to smoke at 4 as their alchoholic mothers would find this so funny losers.

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