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well…. the popular hangouts of the native yark/chav include the bowling ally. This is the perfect place for the chav to set off stink bombs, piss up the walls and writing, “I WoZ Ere NOw I’m Not, I’m RouNd ThE COrnER SmOkIn’ PoT” like they actually think people care! The meating place for the chavs of Gt Yarmouth is outside K.F.C of all places. The usually activity that goes on hear is scoping out the chavettes and making comments like “i could have her… and stop lookin at my bird ova wise i’ll batta ya!”

Night activities include doing laps up the sea frount in their “ipresseve pimping cars” as thay seem to call them, and blairing out radio 1 to all hours in the morning. the younger chavs who drive mopeds beep at all the “hot looking birds” while going an impressive 35 miles an hour! Another past time of the Yarmouth chav is go go and spend their doll money in the tacky arcades that are plasterd up and down Yarmouth sea frount!

buses are a place for the chavs to show off, compairing their crappy fake bling bling and compairing earing sizes for the chavettes. They all congrogate at the back of the buses chatting as loud on their nokia 3510i’s using the wonderful chav vocabulary which includs “yeh but no but” and saying “nooooooo” as loud as they can then announcing to their friends so and so is “up the duff” in their best i’m a londner accent.

Fashions include getting as many fake desighner bags as they can, trying to conpensate for not having knuckel dusters by having massive sovering rings plasterd on every finger! Gold hoopy earings at least 6 per ear! tight jeans that show every thing, helly henson puffer jackers, rebok classics and fake burberry hats, bags and scarfs.

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