a peaceful stroll through mere street and a sunny afternoon in the park while the children played and the birds sang never went a miss. diss seemed the friendly market town it has always been. until “**** mania” took its toll.
combined with the local ****’s(the jones’s), these ****** louts terrorise the streets of diss with their hooligan antics, riding mindlessly down the streets on their stollen bikes, to be for sale in Neil’s Bike Shack in the next week, in return for 20 quid and a pack of marlbourgh lights.
the pavillion at the park is a popular gathering area for the mick carroll/vicky pollard wanabees, where they sit smoking endless cancer sticks, poppin pills and rackin up the next line of coke.
The two brewers pub in the heart of the town has recently become their new crib, where they sit at the back wasting away their dole money on cheap cyder and a root behind the corn hall with some little ****.
friday nights is always a popular one for a scrap between the ***** and the decent youth. dressed in their burberry hats, nike vests, adidas trackies and nike air max trainers, they shout their ******* mouths off till all hell breaks loose, where they hurl fists and blades, yes blades, about no-end….. and this is just the women! the blokes tend to stand in groups, muscle bound, eyeing up their next victim, usually around 8 on one. but dont get me wrong, they rarely ****** win, one punch and these ****** morons are nothin more than rabbits caught in headlights, their off down pump hill like a shot……or just taking their weekly trip up to bethal street.
so chuck these ****** idiots out of diss, and the ****** jones’s. we dont give a **** about u so **** off!
*****, who needs em?
I hate ****$

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