Diss a Historic Market Town

East AngliaNorfolk

A old town. Its victorian lamp posts still hang in the park, Pictures
are displayed of its past with victorian people having fun, walking
along the town center with its ******* flowers you’ll be hard pressed
to find a building under 100 years old. A 800 year old church tops the
town center street off with its eligent presence and clock tower. What
could be wrong with this scenic pictureqsue town?

As you enter the town you will be greated with rural fields filled with
gyspy Caravans burning things, fighting each other in there own ******
hell. As you continue your driving dodging the sciving 15 year olds
running across the main road (sometimes charging around the pavement on
bikes trying to knock people off) you’ll come across the park, next to
the large deep mere and with a pavaillain. Of course the park is
vandlised and full of *****, though the Pavaillain is the most populat
hang out, its been vandlised so many times you cant see the base paint,
and of course drugs and *** with there 15 year old school drop outs,
most with at least 1 baby are the order of the day as they hurl
pleasent abuse in groups of 8 as you walk past trying to live your
life. The sewers reak as you enter the town as more groups of sciving
kids in trackies hang around the toilets with **** they get people to
buy from Martins newsagents. Nearby is the USA Chicken where the
romantoc fools take there well fit 14 year old smoking pregnant birds
for a date, playing the machine.
This area on a saturday or Friday night, or any night becomes a pissed
hotspot of ASBO’s, as the fights start, windows often get smashed with
knife actions sometimes ending in a stabbing or pregnancy. The
Grayhound is often the church of ****, at the ringing of the 5 aclock
church bell (seeing the the clock on the church is now usless as its
been vandelised and the hands nicked) is there signal to go to the
grayhound and drink themselves into a stuper where there behavior
changes from hurling abuse at everyone not inside a tracksuit and
theving as much as possible from Woolworths who made the mistake of not
having security cameras to fighting, stabbing, arson.
As pleseant as these folk are, There merely the average resident, the
real pain is the **** king and queen. The Pondscum known as the local
*****. Never on the law obiding, they mug, steal, squat, nick, burn,
injure and vandlising the terrified elderly residents and everyone else
between. All this is occasionally interupted with the sounding of
police sirens. So for those travelling threw Diss, Don’t stop. keep
going! You wont find Salvation here.

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