East AngliaNorfolk

This is one of the worst towns for c***s to be roaming about in there hurds. At night when everyone is asleep in there beds, when the sun goes down and the night draws in the streets are crowded with drugged up c***s and there ho’s. They usually hang about in the mere park and morrisons car park, revving up there cars and driving around the car park like the idiots they are. There c***s in the cars always pick up little skinny and munty teenagers, with there crappy music blasting out and there stupid voices and talk. The worse place to go on your own is the park as there is always loud mouth c***s and ho’s shouting and doing there “Graffiti”. Speaking about graffiti they always use stencils to do there matser pieces of work. There is always c***s hanging around the high school gates shouting and making them selfs look hard by picking on little year 7 – 8s. The worse that any of them can do is look at you and say “What you looking at” Some people have stood up to them and these people are old grannys and little kids in prams. They get lost when they are walking alone and when they are disbanded from the hurd. Once a c**v fell over the rest of the c***s laughed at him and said “init bruv that funny man” TheĀ  scariest thing i have encountered was 3 c***s walking towards me with there ho’s and shouting and moaning and doing there “Hardman walk” which to me and others looks like they have shat themselves.

Hope to see all c***s in Diss die, this is brapping keeping you up to date with the latest. The percentage of Chaviness for this place is 900%, it literally goes off the scale.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2019