Crappy Crawley – depressing hole of the south

Living in Crawley, West Sussex

Ahh good old Crawley… where to start?

Let me start with the sh*thole county mall: the type of mall that not only favours fake mobile phone shops and cheap crappy clothing. It also favours ***** that desire ruining your shopping day by calling you a **** or a f*ggot. This mall is so bad for not only shopping, but also food choices. It genuinely makes McDonald’s look like a desirable place to eat. Which brings me to my next point, why the hell would you want to eat there when ***** hurl abuse at you whilst you make your order?

I do believe Crawley is a special type of hole: it’s a type of sh*thole that makes you want to question your existence and how the bloody hell you can get out of that **** centre. Not only are the majority of Crawley citizens on benefits, but all the houses look the Goddamn same! Along with dirt and mold smothered all over them. However, I do believe there are, yes, some decent people in Crawley; but by the time you’ve finished horrible 5 years of secondary [school] those decent acquaintances, are brainy enough to realise they have to get out of that **** town.

How grim is your Postcode?

Not only is Crawley bad for shopping and for meeting friends, but the thing that really p*sses me off about this dead end of a town is that there’s absolutely nothing to do here for fun. Most of the gyms, take k2 and Nuffield for example, are overpriced and genuinely disgust anyone who has a brain; I used to be a member of k2 gym but the tiles and swimming pool [allegedly] reek of vomit and God knows what else. Besides that, the cinema and bowling area of Crawley [allegedly] has rude staff and arseh*les that make fun of you whilst you’re there. Seems like no matter how far you go in Crawley, you’re bound to run into ner’do’wells who want to exploit you.

Overall, avoid this sh*t pit town for your own mental well being. It’s boring as hell. Everyone here is either an enormous a-hole trying to start a fight, or worse, a baby at 17. Yep, Crappy Crawley isn’t good.