Crawley, yes it is a sh*t hole

yes it is a **** hole…because of *****

Both my wife and I are from Crawley,escaped it 6 years ago, and agree that it is full of *****. Walking through Tilgate shops, followed by the cry of “oi, geeze, get me ten bennies and i’ll give you the money next time” really brings out the “**** YOU” in me. I’m a squaddie, have been for 7 years, so when I have a 13 year old threatening to steal my mobile phone, people wonder why i get upset……so did he for some strange reason.

However, please do not tarnish all Crawleyites with the same brush, there are some honest, WORKING, decent people there, that due to many reasons cant escape, (I had to take drastic measures!!) There are non **** pubs and places to go… you just have to find them!!!

***** are nothing new, versions of them have been around for years, but these are a super breed of arsholes, spineless, useless, jumped up little kids. I’m going back to Crawley next month for the first time in a year, and must admit, I’m looking forward to the first, “oi wha ya starring at dic???” It will be funny watching him trying to pick his teeth up….with broken fingers……

All I want to say to the decent people of Crawley, don’t take the **** from them, at the end of the day, people that dress like that are well….would you feel threatened by Krusty the CLOWN???? They are not hard, just ******* sad!!

A few of my mates came up with a new **** term…..a group of ***** is now a CHOD…fitting i think.

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