Caernarfon, North Wales

Gwynedd CountyWales

Caernarfon, the heartland of the Welsh speaking community, a gem in the tourism crown of Wales……. and a haven for ***** and *********, here in the historic walled market town of Caernarfon one can hear the screech of the ********* calling out to their many chavelings, each one spawned from the putrid loins of a different ****. What is so different about these ***** from the countless others spreading like a disease throughout the British isles, well for one these ***** communicate (just about) in 2 languages….oh yes…..they mangle and defile the usually melodic Welsh language and pepper it with their foul swearing, in fact in Caernarfon the charming word **** is actually used as a greeting and punctuation at the end of almost every sentence – although it is pronounced with an o instead of a u…….here would be an average **** conversation…..(I shall translate into English for all to understand)……Alright **** how are ya?” Yeah good thanks ****, so what you up to today ****….” You get the picture…..these festering open sores on the **** of humanity tend to congregate in the old town square where they can terrorise the old pensioners that come to collect their pensions from the post office, they can also be seen around the New Look store where the ********* squeeze their cellulite and stretch mark addled bodies into the cheap and always too tight nylon outfits -worn to attract a **** on Saturday night at the Paradox nightclub. Another string to the bow of this group of pond **** that reside in this once proud royal town is their level of violence towards the rest of the human race – the police have tried curfews and wardens on the estates but to no avail, they even enlisted the help of the “Angels” from New York a group of vigilantes that guard the streets of the big apple, a few visited Caernarfon in a desperate attempt by the authorities to bring some order…..THEY GAVE UP AND WENT HOME!!!! They said that it was so bad that they couldn’t help! And so, they still roam around in packs terrorising anyone who looks at them, their ugly and sallow faces constantly twisted into bitter frowns, wearing their shell suits – they’ve yet to hear of Burberry in this corner of the world but adidas is alive and well……So if you ever go on holiday around here please come and have a look and listen at the bi-lingual *****, if you’re lucky you might make it out alive….

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