Living in Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset
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I had the misfortune of visiting Boscombe on a Thursday. It seems to attract the Chav-Parents who have collected their social and decided to have a Maccy d’s for a treat.

Maccy d’s was full of fathers and mothers with their snot faced kids in a second-hand push chair. One father had black-finger nails and loose fitting jogging pants. The mother had hair which was styled at the Chav academy of Hairdressing. The Kids eat their Maccdy’s while sampling the delight of running snot coming thick and fast from their noses. In the toilet was a young chav and his father rolling up a fag and talking of the next burglary.

Outside Macdonald, the piss heads and druggies congregate looking out for the local dibble, while they litter next to Greens with their short skirt fat slag, who still has last night spunk running down her leg from the night before.

Boscombe must rate highly as the scum-bag capital of the UK. Scroungers, druggies, alkies, chavs. What a S**t-hole!!!!

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