Boscombe & Southbourne in Bournemouth, my advice is stay away!

Living in Boscombe and Southborne, Bournemouth


Not quite a council estate, Boscombe was once a nice seaside town until everyone went away for their holidays and Boscombe became rough. Palmerston Road is for the ***********, and druggies live in Pokesdowne, for the discerning, there’s MaccyD’s, Poundland, Wilkinson’s and many antique shops in Pokesdowne.

I am from Parkstone in neighbouring Poole. Me and my friends (Not even skaters or grungers) have been threatened by a gang, saying that they were going to knife us but that never happened. Boscombe Pier is ran down with old toilets with the chains yanked out and other toilets have been closed. King’s Park is gloomy with a half built football stadium and other closed toilets where you can climb over the room and pee on needles. There isn’t just one gang here, but there are loads! Cackers go to Portchester Boys School or Avonbourne Girls School or for the really bad boys, Bicknell (Named after Bessie Bicknell who was interested in Bournemouth’s education) The crescent gardens has always been for drinkers and druggies with one eye asking you if you want to buy weed off them. Don’t go down Walpole Road or into the park at night and if you wait for a train at Pokesdowne, don’t go down to the platform until the train comes, I notice people wait in front of the camera where it is a bit safer (Just).


Sadly the characteristics of urban decay have moved into my dad’s childhood area of Southbourne. In the 1990s they closed the good Beaufort School to send the pupils to Portchester or Avonbourne schools and sold the site to build cheap houses, which singles mums moved with their kids- result, the crime went up and the house prices dropped and the middle classes (And lower) suffered. In Southbourne Cackers live on “The Estate” (Beaufort Estate) “The Mew” (Douglas Mews) or “The close” (Morley Close) or new areas. My mate moved into an average road and hated it their but has gotten used to it. Luckily most of Southbourne is safe still.

How grim is your Postcode?

If you want my advice from a visitor, stay away!