Blackpool – Probably Britain’s Worst Place

Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

I have lived in some godforsaken places in my time but Blackpool really takes the biscuit.

When I was a kid, it was a great place to visit – it honestly was. Now, it is a Third World hellhole populated by *****, ******* and other dodgy types. One in four of the town’s population is on the dole; one in three claims some form of state benefit. It has some of the ugliest and thickest and semi-literate people in Europe, never mind Britain. It is a mecca for all the druggies, alcys and other unwanted refuse from all over Britain, all of whom would be better off spending their dole money on toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and deodorant than beer, **** and drugs.

The only jobs in the town are horrendous telesales jobs run by conmen and spivs, paying rubbish wages for the “pleasure” of being told to “f*** off” by someone else on the other end of the phone. One hears these people boast at how well they’re doing but they’re more than likely living in a damp-ridden bedsit or couch surfing with their friends. The council are as bent as a nine pound note. By rights, it should be the richest town in the country yet all the money goes on the prom and nothing is spent inland.

How grim is your Postcode?

Avoid the place at weekends or during the summer season when the untermensch of Britain flock to pubs that are rougher than a badger’s backside, spend their time in bingo halls or amusement arcades and generally end up staying the night in Bonny Street’s bijoux B&B, the local police station. The worst are the stag and hen dos. I mean, is abortion illegal in this country? No class, no manners, uglier than all the seven deadly sins, totally out of it due to the cheap drink on offer, going home pregnant or with an STD…

Thant’s Blackpool, folks.