Bearwood High Street

East AngliaHertfordshire

Since the demise of Safeways and the introduction of Aldi-Bearwood has become a mecca for Big Issue sellers,dogs on strings,hooped earrings the size of car tyres , Sovereign fags and rings and of course fake lacoste clothings.
You got a pound to make a phone call?, spare change …you c**t,etc are familar crys along this once prosperous shopping centre.Fashion must have for this season is a rabid dog(no,not their female relatives-of which there are many) -be advised if you have small children that they will be mauled and biten as the inbred s**m have no control over the beasts(no ,not their female relatives..)
This is a multicultural area and as such it is not just white trash that has been affected by the disease of C.H.A.V. -counterfeit Nike 360 and fire hazard trackie bottoms are a Bennetton advert for the excrement that has taken hold of a area that was once called “the tenth best place to be stabbed in”.
Hungry? no problems there-this High Street contains more shrines to MRM(mechanically recovered meat) than anywhere in the western world-of particular note is Neelams kebab house-open 24hrs-special offer chips,rat meat in a tray and free can of Panda pop 2 pounds only. Or for pigeon meat try Sams Chicken and ribs-be careful as you may end up eating part of the staffs limbs as they are always under the influence of the homegrown skunk that has infested the vicinity.
You are safe as long as you are under 50 or over 10-otherwise the tattooed faced plastic gangsters will have your purse before you can say fake Burberry

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