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Tiny, but teeming with townies. This small town is home to many secondary schools where the majority of it’s drop-outs are chavs, this causes the local area to be a chav infested hell-hole. After school hours the New Chav Army advance on the local fish and chip shop, where battered pineapples will be purchased in exchange for the lint in these bopping teen’s burberry pockets. Then the local china shop ‘The Flying Saucer’ will recieve abuse from tough lads flicking the v’s outside. The co-op is then plagued by the classy ladies buying penny sweets and Irn-Bru chewy bars.
As night descends the elderly residents near the park are rattled by the shagging sounds of thriteen year olds and the cackling of onlooking imbeciles. This is truly the peasant quarter of the Yorkshire area. Burn it to the ground.

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