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Visit Bradford, The pound shop mecca of the north.
You call em chav’s we call em scroats… different name, same s**t.
They swan around in their ‘George at Asda‘ imitation burbury caps, and
Adidas tracksuit tops from Matalan, 2 for a fiver.
They all hang around outside Index in’t Arndale Centre while
the chavette gets her 3″ diameter hooped earings from Lucy Lockets and
lad gets his PAYG £5 topup in’t Car Phone Warehouse.
They’ll be Grandmother chav, Tina (32 yrs) queuing up at the postie on Ivegate,
with a fag in hand and a giro / disability benifit burning a hole in her bum
bag, with her baby grandaughter chavster ,Kay-liegh, in her arms, because mother
chav Kylie (14 yrs) is on the estate doing her community rehabilitation order.
15 year old ChavDad Kyle will be hard at work in Cash Converters on Westgate
bartering for best price on his 5 DVD players, 2 XBOX’s and a playstation 2
from last night’s burglarys **allegedly** (Cash Converters are a fine law abiding company that does not buy stolen goods. However many people could argue that they profit off the very poorest members of society who frequently need to pawn their few meagre possessions to survive. Such activity is not illegal, just totally morally reprehensible in my view. They may also do a lot of great work for Charity. However I’m sure Cash Converters will argue that this form of ‘corporate social responsibility’ is not a cheap publicity exercise to divert peoples attention away from what some people could describe as their unsavoury core business operation. – Chavtowns Webmaster).
Nobody can say bradford isn’t diverse, here in bradford, we even have wannabe
asian chav’s who have to take things one step further with compulsary golden
tooth, flashing keypad nokia phones ( x 2, one for mum, and other for deals),
and ‘F’ reg Honda Civic, “twin cam turbo mate init” with go slower UV
tubes underneath.
Of course they wont be hanging around outside Arndale Centre, prefering to sit
4 a breast in their Civics comparing sovereign rings and psudo jamaican gangser
One of the scariest things about bradford is that you cannot tell when the
gypo’s have moved into town, as they blend seemlessly into the chavettes pushing
their car boot prams about town between New Look and the bus station, except
for the obvious lack of common Bradford accent.
So why delay visit bradford today!

  • TJ

    So, I’m asian and don’t speak with a broad asian/enlgish accent. I don’t consider myself to be of those that speak bad english. This means that ‘chavs’, both asian and white didn’t and don’t like me. Moved out of Bradford, studied in another city, have mostly white friends, death metal chick… and yes this Chemistry degree is going great! And every step I take in life is a step backwards if it is not taking me further away from Bradford. Glad to have moved out as soon as I had the opportunity!