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Accrington: The bus rider’s nightmare.

I know a couple of other people have made posts about Accrington, but I thought I’d add some aspects which haven’t been mentioned.

Being stuck in the town because of work commitments, I envy people who say they used to live here but moved away, and can laughingly give a loveable account after they came back for a visit. hey, I still live here, and yes, I know it has gotten worse.

The town worsens by the day, particularly because there are a worrying amount of scumbags who have been sent here because they have been “barred” from other towns. There is a charity based in accrington which helps out distressed chavs (I kid you not), and chavs from far and wide relocate to Accrington to sponge as much as they can off this charity. The charity can help out financially, as well as providing free food and clothes.

Something scary is happening with the chavs in Accrington, the genepool sems to be getting smaller and smaller. Three weeks running, I have been going about my daily business only to be hassled for a great length of time by some s**t -for-brains chav. Each one bore a remarkable similarity to the last, although it was clear that they were not blood related. They are just morphing into the same fooking person. I think, somewhere in Accy, there is a big house where chavs are being produced. Some kind of factory.

The Hyndburn Circular bus, which is a travelling Chav box and takes in the delights of Rishton (Euurgh), Clayton-Le-Moors (chav city), Accrington (just f*****g weird), Oswaldtwistle (land of the kiddie chav) and Blackburn (chavs attracted by the “bright lights”) has to be seen to be believed. Never does a journey pass without:

(a) Older chavs sitting on the back seat and swearing at everyone who gets on the bus.
(b) Chavettes taking up all the seats with their prams.
(c) A rockport/bus ticket/baby chav hitting your head
(d) Chav kids spraying each other with their fake perfume. After this experience, I got off the bus smelling like a f*****g toilet duck factory.
(e) A chav with the most horrendous ringtone on its phone. Usually rings at a piercing volume. Usually “Barbie Girl”, or something equally distasteful. On a very busy bus, said chav answers phone very very loudly with those infamous words “I’M ON BUS LIKE WERE ARE YA?”. Then swears a lot and tries to explain to other chav on other end of phone that he is on a bus. For ten minutes. then battery dies and chav asks random stranger “YER GOT ENY CREDIT LIKE ME FONES FOOKED”
(f) The chav who decides that’s it’s a good idea to cough up all his lung butter on the back seat in the morning. One day son, if I ever come across you when I am feeling big and hard, I am going to make you drink my vomit until it kills you.
(g) This happens so frequently it scares me. On the Hyndburn Circular, almost EVERY DAY a big chav gets on and tries to pay half. Said chav is usually with chavette, chavette uses quite a lot of swearwords when poor driver asks them both for date of birth. When both chavs give a year that implies that they are 22 and 20 respectiely, the bus driver states that they have to pay full fair, chavette then states that he has “got this fing, like dis condition where he can’t remember years and stuff”…. Ah, I see. Idiot syndrome.

Just writing this makes me feel nauseous about the place I live. Half of the tme I walk through the town and feel as if an alien civilisation has landed, kidnapped all the normal people and replaced them with these prototype humans, people devoid of soul, thought and life.

  • Jessica

    Let’s be honest yeah Accy is a s**t hole and there are chavs, but not every person you see is just some ‘dole doser’ in the town, not all the women are ‘dirty slags’ there are some very nice people here, but people are soo judgemental and think that every person you see on the street will rob you or ‘bang’ you, or are some scruff on benefits… seriously? :/ there are SOME nice areas if you actually looked around, it’s just mainly the town centre and a few areas that are really bad, which puts other people of wanting to look at other parts of the town… but for sure once I have finished college and got a good job paying good money I will move as far away from Accrington as I can, if things don’t improve soon.

  • Emma

    accy is a disgrace to the society, needs to be deep cleaned.

  • shannon

    Haha i can not stop laughing as this artical has accrington town sumed up! seriously this place needs to be burnt down soon as the better. The people in this town wouldnt think twice to actually rob you as it has been done to a few people i know they would also not even think twice to come up to you in the street and say “have you got a fag pal” its like ew get away from me. These people are tramps and have nothing better to do than smoke and drink while also stealing other peoples belongings. It would not suprise me if they are so friendly with the police seen as they are called daily due to the behaviour of not only children and teenagers but the parent who are fully grown males and females that are out on the street scrapping. Its just not a nice look and not pleasent for any passers.
    It all comes down to one thing…. Bad Parenting.

  • Alex Byrom

    do the right thing escape to university or a job elsewhere it’s the only way to escape great article 100% true, ossy (Oswaldtwistle) is getting worse now aswel :-(

  • Kleon

    I’m from Accy and I will bang you d**k head!

    • karl wilkins

      so kleon your a chav aswell then, are you sure its not you thats the d**k head threatening to “bang you” .I used to live in Accy but got as far away from the sh*t hole as i could aka new zealand best thing i ever did not 1 and i repeat not 1 solitary chav down here bloody awesome.

  • The Renegade

    Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa… Two words, f*****g CHAVS! Accrington is built upon pound shops and dole dossing illiterate f**ks that can’t read or write, just full of scally’s to the very brim. Just do NOT get me started on the females, yet another two words, DIRTY SLAGS!

  • OhDearyMe

    This really cracked me up, a perfect description of the sh*thole that is Accrington. The people really are disgraceful, you can walk through the town centre at any time of the day, even 10am and there are nothing but cretins in stained lacoste tracksuites, sh*t rockports and Tn caps wandering around aimlessly, more than likely looking for there next hit. Accrington makes me sick, i could honestly say 90% of its residents are illiterate, and probably wont be able to understand this statement. When i left this dreadful town for university it was the best feeling i could have ever had, i never wanted to return. It makes me laugh how the school kids all think they are the dogs bollocks, when really they will spend their entire lives being the scum of the earth. I trully believe that Accrington should be wiped off the earth, nuked or something, just get rid of what is there and start a fresh. There really is nothing positive about this town. Awful, just awful.

  • jamed2017

    hahaha the chavs that have commented and trying to defend accy are stupid 2 …face it …accys a crap place to live to now …move. …and chavs you cant give an argument for accy not bein chav infested ….because it is …fact.



  • herbdoctor

    I know what you mean. I spent several years working as an environmental health officer in this god forsaken hole. My colleagues have been beaten up and threatened. I spent my time serving public health notices on people who were illiterate. I once visited a house where there were seven adults all p*ssing the bed, the oldest son was sleeping with his mother and a baby was on the way. The fourteen year old daughter and her baby were sleeping in the kitchen amongst piles of refuse.All the bedroom doors were closed and the panels had been knocked out to allow access to the p*ssy beds. There were rats in the house and droppings in the beds. I sometimes visit Accy and see some of this scum sat on the benches outside woolworths with their designer gear, fags, booze and children. God, what a hellhole

  • ArgosismyHarveyNicks

    I feel for you mate. I was born in Accrington and since I left in 1990 the place has definitely gone downhill.

    One suggestion – change your job, move away, start a new life.

    Nothing can be as bad as surfing on the tide of scum that make up the population of, what used to be, a close knit, friendly place to live.

  • Skrib

    Nice to see some constructive input.


  • SKY

    Well hard man, im sh*ttin it really NOT, if ya think ya big an hard bring it on ill meet ya in town with all my lad, bring ya chicks down to, OMG i wont be able to sleep tonite as im so scared……………… NOT

    • shannon

      go to bed

  • jordan

    oi its not my fault am on the dole is it man calm the fuk down b4 i find ya and spead ya over accy town centre IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII in a bit 😛

  • SKY

    Shut up ya d**k i aint on no coin u r, ur the one on the dole an dealin at the same time man. I only get 100 n odd every 2 weeks off my benifits. So come off it hand us 30p m8

  • SKY

    NAH dont lend it him man leand it us, i need it for my bus fare.

    *me spits a really big greenie*

  • jordan

    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LEAVE accy out of this man will ya its a top town rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr can u lend me 30p 4 the phone plzzzzzz

Posted by Anonymous & filed under Lancashire, North West, United Kingdom.

Known to most people only because of a football team and an old milk advert featuring a couple of Scouse kids, the once thriving Lancashire mill town of Accrington is now, quite frankly, a chav-ridden wasteland. For a town of just over 30,000 people, it has a disproportionate number of dodgy areas: Lower Antley, Fern Gore, Rothwell Ave, Meadoway and Spring Hill (to name but a few) are dotted all around the town, meaning that nowhere in Accy can you live a safe distance from thieving, dole-scrounging wasters. Oh, and not forgetting the Huncoat estate, which is so grim that when a load of pikeys arrived there a few years ago, even they couldn’t find anything worth nicking.

The town centre, despite the council’s best efforts to spruce it up, just illustrates the chav population’s descent into total lack of sophistication and taste. Until a decade or so ago, it had an interesting array of mainly independent local shops, but one by one, these have almost all closed down and been replaced by the likes of Poundstretcher, Matalan, TK Maxx, Argos and Wilko’s. Particularly popular are the ‘everything for 99p’ type shops. Despite frequenting these emporiums of utter tat on a daily basis, the locals still haven’t grasped the simple concept of them – they can often be heard asking the assistants “‘Ey up, ‘ow much is this then?”

As far as food goes, all of the chav’s favourite eateries and supermarkets are of course present: McDonalds, KFC, Lidl, Netto, Aldi and Iceland are all doing a roaring trade. Woe betide anyone who opens an Italian or Indian restaurant in Accy – they soon find to their cost that the locals don’t want any of that “foreign muck”.

The same is true when it comes to drinking: the interesting old boozers have practically all disappeared, and in their place are theme bars serving watered-down lager to Burberry-clad youths, who are frantically trying to down enough of it to build up their Dutch courage for the inevitable fight at Lar-de-Dars nightclub (“Lardys”) later in the evening.

In fact, there’s so much booze-related violence in Accy that it was the first town in the country where drinking alcohol in the street was outlawed. The town centre boasts special signs with a picture of a pint glass inside a red triangle. Not that anyone takes any notice of them, as the blood and vomit to be found in the streets most mornings will testify.

Accy is also notable for the sheer stupidity of its chav criminals. The same names appear time and time again in the crime columns of the local rag, caught and convicted over and over again for the same type of offences. In one recent case, a local Einstein was caught stealing an old biddy’s handbag just TWENTY MINUTES after being released from prison, having served a sentence for theft. Back he went for another few months…

On the plus side, Accrington must be one of the last places in the UK where you can still buy a house for under £20,000. Buy one as an investment, insure it to the hilt, let it out to DSS tenants, they’ll eventually do a runner, the local chavs will torch it, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. Just don’t EVER consider living there.

  • lilmissme

    I lived in ozzy and accy for most of my life and the problem with both towns are the chavs. im only 18 and i have seen first hand what the ‘little sh*ts’ do to the place. When friday night rolls along they all seem to go up to the parks wether its in the ‘better’ parts of the towns or not. I dont understand why people are getting so worked up on a review that is really quite accurate about accrington. it is scum ridden and something needs to be done about it, the whole reason i moved away from that hell hole is because my family could afford having to buy new windows every week. they should discuise a work camp as the job centre that would solve all of our probmelms!

  • p**i

    hello im a “p**i” even tho i was born n bred in accrington and have lived here for the past 28 years never the less im still regarded as a p**i… this is where some of u guys go wrong. how do u expect us to become part of accrington if u treat us like outsiders like we dont belong here ? im pretty sure most of u “white” people of accrington are originally from many different parts of the world too.

    something else to keep in mind is that alot of pakistanis got to accrington because they fought to save this country during ww2. we dont come here to sh*t on where we live, we are proud to be from accrington if people are willing to accept us as part of the community.

  • Biker-head

    just read all the messages and reviews. I’m disscussed by the fact that even thou Accrington is a small town, it thrives on diversity, that is how towns become great. You lot just sit and bicker slagging each other off but in reality your really children, I’m what you call a so-called goth. But mi mates have been living up Fern-gore the so called “Chav-town” for 10years and we’ve had no problems at all. We’re the old skool accy lot and we are fed up to the hilt, with petty minded gimps like you lot tellin the world accy is there’s . also noticed you slag p**i’s off , but how many of you on a saturday night go to the local takeaways after you pilled up p*ssheaded nights….. How many of you can say that they dont eat from p**i takeaways..hmmm. none of you. If you got out to beef about as you hate goths and rockers come down the adelphi or the hope n anchor and we will be happy to hear your thoughts …

  • Tommo

    who are these people reviewing our town? firstly its quite sad and secondly you clearly have no idea what is going on. You ask anybody who is over the age of, say 50, ask them why the town is like it is and every one of them will tell you that the proplem was caused by the massive intake of muslims, gypsy’s and now polish who came over in thier huge families, took jobs, bought businesses (to launder money for drugs) and spent almost none of the earnings in the town or even the uk it all goes into mosque and back to pakistan ect. What the chavs are doing is what everbody should and confronting these people before its too late and we are run by pakis. Accrinton used to be a fantastic country-side filled place to live but unfortunatley i never got to see it because all i have seen since being born is a dump, no jobs, no money and nothing to do. you cant even play football because every pitch is full of dog sh*t. tou cant walk into certain places without getting jumped. The council cant afford to do anything because they pay all the money out on benifits and flower potts in town!! its anabsolute joke and it is happening all over the country to small towns that used to thrive but of course most of the people on here dont see it because you live a different life but when everything goes to sh*t who will be the ones fighting to save england? us lot are doing it already. WAKE UP!!!!!

  • burlington bertie of bow

    this description of accrington is spot on.. it is such a shame as it is in a beautiful area, and the town itself is full of some great architecture. howarth art gallery showcases work by tiffany, and the collection there is exemplar, and was collected by one of the towns many philanthropists.

    why simple minded ill educated folk would be so proud of their inadequacies is beyond me, you havent a clue about the place you live in, and no doubt would be equally nimby and bigoted wherever you were from.

  • Mike Hunt

    I am a local CHAV from Accrington and i find this review quite appalling. As i chose to wear kappa popper trackies, nike shox and a naf jacket… This does not mean that i am into all the trouble caused by people in ripped jeans and pink t-shirts p*ssed out there heads taking the p*ss out of me cause i did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I think the 99p shops are a bargain. You dont get them quite often! I ve just come across this review which i think is SAD that somebody has wrote more than 3 paragraphs about something that we all know which is happening all over the world.

  • Rodger Reebok

    Qwerty Keyboards!! fantastic invention, they have letters from A-Z and numbers from 0-9 and lots of mysterious symbols “ooooohhhh”! Combined with the english language you can write words like CAT and MAT or big words like RACIST and LITTLE and TWAT or ct, mt and rcst ltl twt in lima, bugz05 and kierans case. SMS texting should be renamed as a new language called “FERNGORIAN.””der init lima! “DER” being the operative word! Apparently Robert Peel (the guy who invented the police) once lived in a farmhouse in Fern Gore, long before the posh estate was built, of course. The surrounding landscape to Fern Gore can be quite picturesque. I guess Hyndburn council have always been bad at planning decisions. Building that estate there, is like taking a dump in the middle of an expensive rug.
    How ironic that the tracksuit clad, racist, school fearing, soap shy, sock tucking, baseball cap wearing, petty criminal little bastards we love to hate, also seem to have been spawned by this area and are now the modern police force’s nemesis. I usually cringe at bigoted opinions, but I’m open minded to the idea of building a thirty foot electric fence with machine gun nests every twenty yards around Fern Gore Estate, to keep them in, along with numerous other estates like this around the country. We could just let the co-operative ones out for supervised trips to school under armed guard or just bulldoze the buildings when there’s no sign of movement. It would certainly help break the perpetual cycle, of brain-dead little sh*t, giving birth to brain-dead little sh*t! Crime figures would drop ten fold overnight, the roads would be free of clapped-out vauxhall corsas with loud exhaust systems, but no tax and insurance and it wouldn’t cost us so much to replace our car stereos and car windows everytime we dare venture into these towns. How sad that these stupid, racist little boys don’t realise, that their awful fashion sense started in the 90’s with youths copying the styles of their favourite Hip-hop and Rap artists ( who just happen to be predominantly “Black” ) wore track suits, baseball caps and tucked the tracksuit into the socks, even though it was just on one leg. Thick youths in this country, with no fashion sense whatsoever then began emulating this with cheap and more often than not fake sportswear ( most of which have never seen a gym or running track). They must have thought that just tucking one leg in doesn’t match. So they tucked in both legs to their socks and the CHAV was born! Ali G also added to this, as most of these kids, who were allowed to sit up past the watershed and watch it, with their education bereft guardians, were bypassed by the irony behind the show and must have thought “what a great way to behave!” So all you racist chavs in Fern Gore and anywhere else for that matter, just remember. The next time you slip into those polyester/nylon mix, Nike, tacky, tracky bottoms, tuck them into your fake burberry socks with too many stripes (that you bought off Accy Market) and lace up your worn out Reebok Classics….. Take a good long look in the mirror and think… What the hell do I look like?….. you look like a black american rapper from the nineties with no fashion sense or money!!…. So do yourselves a favour kids, buy some jeans or something, stop being d**k heads and go to school or college and get an education… Aiiiit !!

  • leatee

    Shocking, I can’t believe what I am reading. What a bunch of racist, prejudiced, snobby and small minded people! Accy aint the best town in the North West, granted, but no need to slag the poor folk off that live there!

    • Jessica

      I totally agree with you as not all locals are; tramps on benefits or chavs, there are some decent people in Accy

  • Bugz05

    yeah u tell em lima, fern gore is ace, thr aint o f**kin dik eds up der they r sorted to fuk, obviously u dnt live der, 1ce u live der ull kno ow gd it iz, FERN GORE RULES!!!! INIT!!!

  • Bugz05

    dis iz aload ov bolox, chavz rule in dis town, “chav ridden wasteland” us chavs built dis town n we own it, n hu gives a sh*t bout fukin gay law obidin peeps if they cnt survive round ere thn thy cn fuk off, same wit da pakis n sk8rs n all tht sh*t, CHAVS RULE n FERN GORE IS THE SAFEST PLACE TO LIVE!!! INIT LIMA

  • kieran


  • kieran


  • kieran

    DANIEL LIMA NANANANA DANIEL LIMA NAAAAAA NANANANANA FERNGORE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO!

  • mearcat

    I must agree. I live in Nelson (home of the posh chav because they have cars) but my girlfriend lives in accy and i have never seen so many chavs anywhere else in the northwest. They do all look the same probably because the chavetts look for the poorest chav to give them a baby chav so they can get a free house. The chavett will then show off her fat belly by wearing a cheap tshirt 6 sizes too small, as if to say “Look at me i will get a free house soon init” Then more lookalike chavs are created. The 2 for 1 offer at supermarkets has been created to make the chav think they are getting a good deal but in reality they are buying something crap at half price and being forced into buying 2, but they are to thick to understand.Why do they tuck there dirty trakky bottoms into dirty white socks? and why do chavetts think they look great with gold coloured chains on and pink fluffy boots?. It is beyond me!.But i think its just a phase they are going through like the average goth, they will soon grow out of it .Got to go now im off chav spotting in accy its great fun.

  • Diablos

    Lima its quite obvious that you are probably one of the “Chavs” as you seem to think that there is nothing wrong with “Accy”, Can i ask were have you been for the past 5 years?? Accrington has been a Chav infested area for as long as i can remember!! Its nothing to write home about! And as for Fern Gore, Well were do i start, its full of little d**k heads who think they know it all, When really they know my friend “Jack Sh*t”. If this answers your question, “av u eva bin thr?” (Note the Chav Txt) Yes i sure have, and i avoid it like the plague when possible. Also the “Chavs” shouldnt need to go round causing trouble whether there is anything to do or not, try something civilized for ONCE in your life!

  • Diablos

    Lima its quite obvious that you are probably one of the “Chavs” as you seem to think that there is nothing wrong with “Accy”, Can i ask were have you been for the past 5 years?? Accrington has been a Chav infested area for as long as i can remember!! Its nothing to write home about! And as for Fern Gore, Well were do i start, its full of little d**k heads who think they know it all, When really they know my friend “Jack Sh*t”. If this answers your question, “av u eva bin thr?” (Note the Chav Txt) Yes i sure have, and i avoid it like the plague when possible. Also the “Chavs” shouldnt need to go round causing trouble whether there is anything to do or not, try something civilized for ONCE in your life!

  • RayVon

    I see Lima is a native of the fair town, having taken full advantage of the marvelous education facilities.

  • LIMA

    accy aint tht bad, obviously u aint bin thr in ages n i can c u neva mentioned nethin about ozzy, n if thr was summat 2 do in accy maybe all the "chavs" wudnt need 2 go round causin trouble, n ferngore aint bad av u eva bin thr??? dodgy area my arse.

  • EnglishMadMan

    Harsh man. I hate the bastards. We need a modern day style Adolf Hitler who will bring back death camps for chavs. Get rid of them all.

  • Icedude

    lived there for 3 years up uintil last year, at which point we moved out for a few reasons, but the main one being the chavs.

    We lived on the new redidential area off Plantation Drive, which was quite nice, because chavs never ventured there. It was august, i think, when i was walking back home from Blockbuster in the town center (surprisingly chav-free that day) when a 3 chavs walk past on the other side of the road. In the usual style, one shouts “OI! FREAK!” and i just ignore him. Bad move. Chav runs across the street and smacks me in the face, fleeing before i can hit him back. Police never got him, either :(