Top 50 Worst Places to live in England 2022 Copyright

Rather sad that we’ve had to do this, but with so many of you doing us up the proverbial Eurotunnel last year, we’ve had to take action and cease cooperation. The Top 50 list is our copyright. You can not reproduce it in your article. You can quote from it, you can write a fauxtrage piece about a placing by all means, but you can’t copy and paste the list. Remember through, if you do quote from a placing or from any article on this website, you need to give it attribution in your article and a hyperlink to the site:

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If you are thinking ‘Ah f*ck ’em I want to get down the pub, I’ll just copy the list, they’ll never know’. Well that’s where you’re wrong matey. We have a bot that crawls the Google index looking for sites ripping off our sh#t. When we find it, we’ll be on to your editor faster than you can say P45.

You have a great New Year!