Thornhill, Southampton – majority of the female population have more kids than teeth

Living in Southampton, Hampshire

Ah Thornhill, well known as being the laughing stock of Southampton – and that in itself is a real insult on its own. It isn’t one of the nicer places on God’s green earth and could be described as the place God forgot.

With Thornhill Youth Centre being a particular hub for fights and the occasional dogging session, it’s not hard to see why you wouldn’t want your children to grow up here.

The majority of the female population have more kids than teeth. Many houses are devoid of double-glazing and some have been as inventive as to put some lidl’s own cling film to stop that leaking! So it’s not all bad- thornhillians can be seen as being fairly resourceful. So there is still some hope for the people of thornhill- and that hope is that the council knock Thornhill down and deport the residents to somewhere nicer; I hear Somalia is lovely this time of year

How grim is your Postcode?