Romsey pretends to be a nice place

Living in Romsey, Hampshire

On looking at Romsey you would think it is a nice place, well that’s what it pretends to be. I have lived here for over 25 years and the people are rude and not very friendly. They have a small town mentality,

The planning depart needs shooting [in my dreams, but in reality, just a stern talking to]. The building infrastructure is awful, it mainly comprises of victorian terraces or empty spaces. The old brewery has been left with apartments in the brewery building and a few houses built the rest has been left (looks awful). They have resurfaced the road outside the council buildings and it is [allegedly, we know the council will probably read this rant] dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. They have built new estates but the access is disgusting, usually only allowing one car down a road.

Kids from two senior schools are the usual teenage crowd with loud mouths shouting and hollering when going to and from school. Infant/junior schools have the usual mum travelling in a road blocking Chelsea tractor to pick up and drop off their clutch of kids. So no parking if they are around. SMALL TOWN WITH MENTALITY AND NEEDS TO GET OVER ITSELF.

How grim is your Postcode?