Stoneleigh: residents ought to be stoned!

Living in Stoneleigh, Epsom, Surrey

When buying our property in Stoneleigh, the estate agent bragged that “it’s such a nice place to live because there are no council flats here.” That pretty much sums up the attitude of the residents; working class folk who somehow think that they’ve “made it” and are holier than thou because they’re living in Stoneleigh. […]

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Epsom: the not-so-salubrious suburb

Living in Epsom, Surrey

If you’re a young professional attracted by the hour-ish commute to central London, STAY AWAY. Epsom can be characterised by walking down the road to the station and being gassed by the permanent smell of weed. Good luck opening your windows because it’ll come into your flat and make everything stink. Expect to be cat […]

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