Streethouse, or Sh*thouse as it’s affectionately known as by the locals

Streethouse, or Sh*thouse as it’s affectionately known as by the locals, is a small village in the Wakefield District and boy does it live up to its name. Wakefield and the surrounding areas are all f*cking horrible but this place is the worse by a country mile. Everyone in this village is related, some definite ********** going on which is obvious when you see the deformities walking the streets, one blokes eyes are literally on the side of his head like a hammerhead shark.

The men are the sort that walk around with their shirts off exposing their skinny pasty white bodies with a burberry caps on and supping a can of special brew usually with a staffy called tyson in tow. The birds are even worse, pregnant by 14, walking round village in there pyjamas with a roll up ******* out of there gob made up from the previous days tab ends, pushing a pram while little bobbi-jo screams her head off.

The village itself actually looks like the final level map from some apocalypse video games, the old working mens club knocked down and the rubble has just been left there for past 5 years and is now used as a kids play area. It really is a **** place, the mutant inhabitants are more hostile than an amazon tribe, any new people that move in the area don’t last long, not that anyone would want to live in this literal village of the dammed. ****** Lovely travelling folk once parked up on the fields but were gone the same day after one look around the village. F*cking ****** travelling folk are too good for the place!!

Seriously stay away from this village, I’d nuke the place if I thought it would do some good but the locals have mutated and evolved beyond the point where it would make any difference. What sh*thole.

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