Featherstone – They’ll give thee a kickin’

Featherstone, or Fev as it’s more commonly known, is a town in West Yorkshire that is thriving with ***** who pride themselves on how much alcohol they can consume in one sitting and how hard their dad was in the 80’s.

All of the town is a sh*thole but nowhere more so than the Priory estate, if you walk around priory late on a night you are guaranteed to witness drunken disorder and drug deals.

Fev is also home to Purston Park which could easily rival Amsterdam for how much Cannabis is smoked there.

The town has plenty of pubs all of which are ******** with local smack heads but the Last Orders is the main one. The Last Orders male toilets is the snorting capital of Europe as all the flat capped lunatics prepare the battle ahead of them later on in the night when they finally trek up to Big Fellas nightclub in Pontefract (which could have it’s own article it’s so rough) to fight with the equally horrible Castleford lads.

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