Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Midlands

I am writing this post in defence, from a post which I just stumbled across!  I moved to the large village of South Normanton 7 years ago, and would quite humbly state, that the only reason I would leave is to emigrate to a warmer climate.

For the most part, the village is a hard-working, friendly community. A community that must be thriving, due to the amount of new developments that take place, year after year!  Yes there are the typical ‘DSS’ people here too, that do not even wish to work (but tell me a place there isn’t now’a’days?).

The village is possibly one of the most ideally situated places to live in the Midlands. You have direct access to the M1, joining the A38 to both Mansfield and Derby. From junction 28, you are literally a hop, skip and a jump to all the major cities in the East Midlands. Situated on the outskirts of the village, there is the East Midlands Designer Outlet, as well as several bustling industrial estates, which create thousands of jobs. There is a Travel lodge, premier inn and the Derbyshire Hotel, within the village.

South Normanton has a ‘HUB’ which contains, the doctors surgery, library, police, council office, nursery school, training courses and a cafeteria. There are a multitude of ‘mini’ markets. Some very nice restaurants and public houses to dine and socialise in. There is a choice of schools, takeaways, shops, bookmakers, florists, gyms and salons.

Generally a really lovely place to live, being situated here makes life so easy. For the most part, the people are outgoing and friendly folk. You cannot walk down the street without saying ‘hello’ to someone.

I am not looking through rose-tinted glasses, I know the place has it’s faults. For example the roads are a joke, too narrow, not a lot of off-road parking, very busy and far too many speed bumps/pot holes. Though it is the only place I have ever lived, where a litter picker walks the streets at the crack of dawn every single morning.

I love this village!

  • Joe Bloggs

    Sounds like an old git trying to raise the house prices or they’re a f**king estate agent! All the clues are here. When did the DSS become the DWP? About 20 years ago. Regurgitating the trite right-wing fallacy of the people on benefits being lazy (even though the last time you probably had any contact with the benefits system, job centre+ was probably called the ‘labour exchange’, eh!). Best you stop reading the Daily Mail, it’s giving you a totally distorted reality! Finally, the only down side is the state of the roads? Truly someone who lives in a cosy middle-class bubble!