Bolsover: at night it becomes a typical dirt hole

Bolsover is a small former mining town in Derbyshire. At first you think that it is a pleasant town. Unfortunately, when you see it at night it becomes a typical **** sh*thole. At night the ***** enjoy ******* around the market square. The ***** are of the usual quality of fake Burberry caps and knocked-off mobile phones.

As i have noticed in previous accounts of towns, the introduction of picture taking mobile phones has added a new dimension to **** life. Whilst walking through the town i had a barrage of abuse that went along the lines of “wot ye lookin at?”etc. Then one proceeded to try to gob at me before another tried to take a photo with a camera that wasn’t built into the phone but actually had to be attached. However, by the time this had been completed, i had been able to leave the area.

I have also noticed in general that ***** are starting younger. For those younger, ie 10 year old ****** (this is a word that is preferred by many of my friends), Bolsover is home to one of those wonderful stores, the co-op. Unfortunately for the normal people of the town, there is also a sommerfield/Gateway (i can’t remember the difference). The reason i say unfortunately is that the layout is **** heaven. There are lots of dark alleys around these stores and i advise people to be careful in these areas.

Bolsover does have one saving grace. 6 miles west is the larger town of Chesterfield. This usually attracts the older ones at weekends.

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