Portsmouth – Where do I begin?

Where do I begin? Portsmouth is a ‘historical town’ which is true to an extent and has a lot of tourism, enough to cause large tailbacks blocking off the only entrances and exits to Portsmouth. Then there are the *****, not any normal ****, but the ones who ruin lives and assault people for fun or because they’re “bored”. The ones who discriminate against people who are even the slightest bit different than them. People that come off worse, are those with autism, physical disabilities and middle class people, who are trying to live a normal life.

Most of these ****** ***** are children! Raised either too harshly of too soft by their parents (not all parents though). Kids as young as seven are going around the most populated areas acting like they’re all tough. Some older kids around 16 years of age, arm themselves with metal bars and BB guns at night, ruining communities and any unlucky person happening to be around them at the time. Not all aspects of Portsmouth are bad, but central regions and eastern regions like Landport and Milton have a serious gang problem as the economy there is getting worse and rundown flats stinking of drugs dominate over any chance of a decent business. Gangs in the area have been known to start fires, **** people and use firearms.

Finally the alleys by the Southsea promenade are dominated after 15:00 by school students on motorcycles and drug users from the local collage and school. I have seen some t**t smoke pot and then start hallucinating a fight against the air.

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