Rochford a.k.a Lesser Southend

Southend became a ChavTown a long time ago, what was once a holiday destination has been replaced by columns of fast food restaurants, Sports Direct shops and **** Hangouts… Which at night develops into a hotspot worthy of being bombed.

Rochford is 5 miles away, used to be a quiet town away from Southend where the elderly used to shop and live in peace. But since Southend became **** Abundant… Elder ***** have moved away and set up camp in Rochford and have refused to move…raising up their chavlings.

A few local spots: Rochford Square, consisting of 3 Pubs (within 100ft of each other), 2 Chinese Restaurants an Indian and 2, yes 2, Kebab Shops. The local Supermarket, The Spar, is the place to be on a friday night… pissed or coked ***** seem to drift to this place as if there is a magnet. Muggings happen nightly, and it is no longer safe to wander the streets after 8pm if your above 25.

Golden Cross, not as bad as Rochford… but still bad with the supermarket plagued by Chaves, and the Offy next door [allegedly] selling **** and alcohol to Kids blatantly under-age, after awhile the Chavlings either wander down to the Rec or Magnolia Park and sit there… smoking **** so they don’t get caught by their parents…

Possibly the worst thing though is the fashion, Chavlings get the bus to Southend and hit Sports Direct like nothing you’ve ever seen, and walk out with a brand new TN Hat or something bearing the TN logo… Makes you sick to your stomach.

Not as violent as Southend, but just as unpleasant… especially at midnight when the pissed and anti-social ****’s take a stroll down to Stavros, buy a kebab, and throw up all over your car… F*ckwits…