Living in Romford
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Romford is commonly referred to as ‘slag town’ and i’ve heard that a number of times when people have asked me where i’m from. The thing is, it’s hard to dislike Romford – it’s a slice of fried gold next door to Dagenham and gangster paradise Ilford. But, it’s notorious for a lot of really embarrassing and stupid things – notably its chav form. Slag Town, and I heard it from a Dagenhamite once, is a haven of orange tinged cockneys. Girls walk around with dodgy make up and highlights with the typically Romford talk ‘me old mucka’ and ‘wa’s goin on son?’. Unlike other outer London Boroughs, Havering is surrounded by cackholes like Basildon and rough Essex-boi areas like Loughton and Debden. Literally everyone in Romford wants to be Danny Dyer and you see flocks of angry young men with comb overs and polo shirts heading towards Liquid and Envy on a Friday night ready to get ‘gattered’ or find a girl and ‘bang her’.

The fact that Romford has so many clubs, three shopping malls and buses coming from the darkest pits of east London means that it attracts more trouble than it already has. A new wave of immigration has meant that slowly the place is becoming Dagenham 2.0 with fried chicken shops opening on every street.

Romford is one of those areas where if you look at someone on the street, you WILL be challenged. The number of times I have been threatened by a yute on a pushbike and a hoody is big big big and it isnt uncommon to see a 14 year old girl with a ponytale and tracksuit top holding a baby in one arm and a fag in the next.

The neighbourhoods vary… Avoid Harold Hill as a new ghetto boi area with a large ethnic community and its neighbour Harold Wood as the chavvy, ford fiesta infested alternative. Both are seriously rough. Gidea Park used to be affluent but with a spout of council flats has become really run-down. Collier Row? If you want to see some geezers on push bikes mug an old man…

Again, Romford isn’t the worst. Its notoriously rough but loveable, especially the accent and the fact that West Ham will unite EVERYONE in the area but don’t think for a moment that its an easy ride, because its Romford Town and your risking an argument or trouble by going there.

  • Anon

    Gidea park … run down you say? The houses are approaching the £1mil mark. If you need to watch your back in Harold Wood I think you must lead a very sheltered life son 😉

  • Adam

    I live next to the station and my address is Essex not London… It’s Essex. If you want to believe it’s London because estate agents tell you that then fine but my post goes to Essex.

    • Keeping it REAL

      No it ain’t. Check the address on your driving licence. No Essex there.
      Estate agents are more likely to fib and say it’s Essex coz it’s seen as more desireable than east London.
      Corse, all the wannabe social climbing is for nuffin when the council tax bill with LONDON Borough of Havering written on it comes thru the letterbox.
      Essex people cannot vote for the Mayor of London, but you will be able to Romford boy, coz you’re a Londoner.

  • Havering a GREAT time!

    A decade ago Romford was a criminal wasteland with a terrible body count. But that was then…
    Nowadays you still need to keep your eyes open but its very likely you will survive a visit to this east London town. Finally on the tube map this year due to London Overground and TFL Rail tho an actual tube station would be welcome (i guess we could make do with the DLR if push came to shuv).
    Romford is the best shopping center in the whole of London. And has fleets of buses.
    Chavs? Not one, just Londoners.

  • i wasnt meant to be here

    i have no idea how i got here but who actually cares what where romford is or what postcode it comes under? your all having a discussion over something that doesnt matter with people that will not agree with you even if you was right so who cares? just relax enjoy the moment, here today gone tomorrow! oh and if you are reading this be positive it always helps no matter what you’re going through it soon wont matter, peace biatchez 😉

  • Secret

    I love you… Couldn’t be more correct. You can’t walk around Hemel and look at any ONE person who doesn’t look like they’ve just escaped from a nuclear power station, prison or mental home… Half the kids in push chairs are pushing their own kids in front. And “Primarni” has a special range exclusively for Hemel – a pack of socks, not in pairs, but 3 in a pack… gloves have 6 fingers, and they only sell left-footed shoes. I actually asked, and the ugly f*****g animal behind the counter (not sure if it was a guy, girl, or even human??) confirmed. Other than that, the Starbucks is nice…

  • Donny Boy

    Hmmmmmmm – Romford was always known as a racist area which required foreigners to show their passports before entering. Was not very diverse and the I remember years back the Market always seemed like it was run by the BNP. I would like to hope that things have changed now? I can imagine though you may need to take security guards with you when entering the Brewery area at night. There where some nasty night clubs in this area in the past that are probably gone. I guess Romford and Dagenham where like Brother and Sister. Once you go past Romford though, there are areas in Hornchurch which contain properties like owned by Simon Cowl.

  • Corgi Lover

    One has given a miniscule amount of one’s precious attention to the London township of Romford.
    It certainly is a disgrace. One was very proper in not giving one’s name to the aforementioned township’s infirmary. Now it just sounds like a borough of the City of New york, another rat trap.
    One will not be gracing this slum with one’s presence any time soon!

    • Defaulta-chan

      You kind of sound like you grew up in a family of nobles in the 1800s. My apologies to inform thou, but nobody really speaks like that anymore. Also, using ‘one’ as the pronoun all the time when referring to yourself is slightly (and by that I don’t mean slightly, I mean very) pretentious and it’s not going to get you any higher up the hierarchy. Romford is not as bad as you and this article both make out; I agree that it has its ‘slum’ moments, but everyone always highlights the worst and overlook the best. In all my years living here, I’ve never heard anyone say something a) with such a rude tone (yes, I can tell. One makes it very obvious.) and b) while pretending to be multimillionaire dukes/duchesses, unless they’re children in a school play. So if one would so kindly halt in their ways of gracing this site with one’s presence, one ought to do so with haste.

      • Corgi Lover

        One beseeches thee to shut thou trap!
        If that don’t work One will have you clapped in irons and incarcerated in The Tower.
        It’s the 1700s not the 1800s you uncultured oaf.

    • Julie

      ROMFORD is in Essex, It is a historical ESSEX town only recently taken over as a London Borough!!! Still has an Essex Postcode and is part of the WRITTEN ADDRESS!!

      • Geography Police

        Incorrect. Romford is in London, not Essex. To most people 1965 ain’t recent.
        Romford has a Romford postcode not an Essex one. Essex is not part of a Romford postal address. Check on Royal Mail’s address or postcode finder.

        • Julie

          Oh shut up you tart!!! I am from Romford and I don’t know one person from this area that classifies it as being LONDON!!! Culturally and Historically it is NOT PART OF LONDON!!!

          • Cheer Up Charlie

            You aint from Romford. All Romford people born in the last 50 years are Londoners. Says so on their birth certificates.
            If you wanna bang on about history get yourself down to Havering Museum. They’ll soon put you straight.

          • Geography Police

            If you live in Romford then you classify your home as London every time you have dealings with your local council, the London Borough of Havering.
            Which Premier League football team do most Romford people follow? West Ham.
            Which dialect is spoken by the majority of Romford people? Cockney.
            Romford is officially, geographicly, historically and culturally London.

          • Putting Julie Straight

            Be quiet silly girl!!! It’s very unlikely you are from Romford but very likely you don’t know even one person anywhere!!! Culturally and Historically Romford is a HUGE PART OF LONDON!!!

      • Trev

        Pipe down Fessexite!

      • Corgi Lover

        One has dispatched One’s Beefeaters to clap you in irons and detain you at One’s pleasure in The Tower. There you will learn correctly where townships are within my realm you ignorant peasant!

      • Putting Julie Straight

        ROMFORD is in London, It is a historical LONDON town that has been part of the Capital for over half a century!!! It has never had an Essex postcode and that county has never been part of the WRITTEN ADDRESS!!

      • danny

        Haha u fink romford is in essex!
        I aint very book smart but even i know that romford is east london. Theres no menshon of essex on me rent book jus havering London borough so i know ur rong!

        • Lord Rom

          She’s pulling your leg young man. Everyone knows that Romford is in London.

    • Lord Rom

      Dear Madam,

      Please hold back from calling Romford a slum. It may not have the opulance of Windser or your Palace but this delightful East End town is my home, so BACK OFF!

  • Truth Say

    What’s Romford got to do with TOWIE? Romford’s in London.
    Maybe if there was a show called TOWIEL (The Only Way Is East London), but thankfully there ain’t.

    • Guest

      Funny enough some of TOWIE’s cast are from East London

    • Julie

      ARE YOU FOR REAL??? Brentwood (the heart of Essex) is the next Town up and next stop on the train you thick twat!! Romford is Historically Essex all the locals would never consider it as being London please leave this post!!!!

      • Truth Say

        Chelmsford is the heart of Essex, not Brentwood!
        Forgetting Gidea Park and Harold Wood ain’t ya? Have you even been to Romford?
        Everyone knows and thinks of Romford as London, mainly cos it is and as been for yonks.

  • Romford Cockney

    People may wanna put the boot in to dear old Romford, but it does have some redeeming features.
    More shops than anywhere else in east London.
    2 Cinemas.
    24 hour transport system.
    It’s a 20 minute drive away from being deep out in the countryside, with good traffic that is.
    Loads of eateries.
    The amount of crime has lessened in recent years.
    Yes, people will probably be able to come up with their positive things about Romford, but I noted a few to get the ball rolling.
    Romford ain’t a posh area, but that don’t have to be a bad thing. What’s good about posh anyway?
    Romford is rough at times, in places, but it’s certainly not the worst bullet-riddled dustbin in London, by quite a stretch at the moment.

  • A Loud Fart

    Romford has the largest amount of shops in east London. Not all of ’em are chicken shops. There’s a few pizza places & pawn shops too.

  • Fact Time

    Administratively Romford is in London. Only someone who uses a 50 year old mobile phone or tv could be forgiven for in any way thinking of Romford as being in Essex. It’s beyond laughable, it’s just plain daft. You give away your age when you say you was there when it changed to London. Only you & your mates down the bingo would consider Romford to be part of Essex, yet none of you say that when it comes to free travel-pass time do ya?
    The majority of Romfordians consider themselves Londoners. Most non Romford based Londoners consider Romford to be London.
    Romford is definitely part of the rum & coke.
    I don’t agree with all the article writer says about Romford either, but they seem to know more about it than you. They know where it is for a start!

  • Joan Hammond

    Travelling from Newham (the arse end of the East End) to Hornchurch, I pass through Romford and have to agree that it isn’t a place I would choose to live. The area around Romford Station is creepty at any time of day or night and is beginning to resemble the Chicken shop alleys seen in other boroughs. Local councils could do much, much more to improve their boroughs if they were pressed to, but as with most local government, the councillors etc are more preoccupied with their own careers and how much expenses they can wangle, than having any shred of pride in their boroughs, unless of course, an election is on the way.