Living in Accrington, Lancashire

Accrington: The Chernobyl of the North West

There is a big dirty banner down the middle of Broadway (Accrington's main "shopping" street) which is supposed to be in honour of the Accrington Pals but it is so dirty and weathered that to now just looks like a grey tarpaulin.

Living in Rishton, Lancashire

Rishton: The Absolute low of Great Britain

If you can survive in Rishton then you are undoubtedly better than Bear Grylls.

Living in Rishton

Rishton, Accrington and The North

The 25% of decent people who live in Rishton, deserve a medal for surviving here.

Living in Burnley, Lancashire

A good number of men living in Burnley have had it with their sister

Most towns in Lancashire aren't particularly nice, but Burnley takes shit to the next level.

Living in Accrington

Accrington is the worst town to raise anyone let alone a young person

I left the town yesterday after a visit. When I got on the M65, I shed a tear for all the children that will grow up there.