Rishton, Accrington and The North

Living in Rishton

Now before I get into this topic I would like to point out a couple of things:
1. I have lived in Rishton my entire life.
2. I do not despise Rishton however recently I have seen in fall in class.
3. I’m not that old, so before you start saying I’m a D*ckhead, I will admit I can’t say much because I haven’t lived as long as probably you (not meaning that in a bad way).
4. In this article there maybe some bad grammar and spelling, so sorry if you spot some.

As I have said, I have lived in Rishton my entire life and I used to think it was a nice place. When I was young, I used to be able to go down the road and get some batteries for my xbox controller orr be able to go to this shop on the high street and get some amazing pies. I never went to the school here as my mum works at this other school (can’t really say where) and always told me she would find it easier if I went to school there. I would sometimes question why I didn’t just go to the school in Rishton, as it was just a few yards away. But I later figured out I was lucky.

After I left my primary and went to high school in Accrington or “Accy”, I was greeted with people completely different from the ones I knew before. I was treated like a bit of an outcast, because I didn’t have the typical Northern accent and wasn’t, as you would say, a hard man. But thats all a different story.

How grim is your Postcode?

I’m not really a part of the Rishton community and to be honest I’m happy I’m not. People from Rishton say that everyone here knows each other and is kind to each other, well let me tell you,thats a load of bullsh@t. Rishton is a population that consists of 25% actually being decent, trustworthy, kind people, but the other 75% are a bunch of ********. I walk home from my bus stop having to worry that these so called wannabe “*****” are gonna say nasty things to you for NO reason what so ever.

I could tell you thousands of stories about both the adidas tracky wearing boys and the slaggy girls saying things, just because you’re trying to get back home. I just wish that people in this society would be nice to each other, not just going up to people and saying “LOOK AT THAT GIMP!” (me if you didn’t get who their talking about).

I don’t fully know about a lot of the things that happen here, such as the dugs and smoking at the age of 10, but I do know that sadly not all people (such as myself) who have lived here their whole life, do not all belong here. And yes I know that places such as Blackburn, Clayton and Accy are bad, however you just have to realise that all places have nasty people in them.

But in the end, Rishton is still my home and there is still some goodness in it, like the park, the lake, the nice country surrounding us and the 25% of people who deserve a medal for surviving here 🙂